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DIY Dinosaur Terrarium


My plans to photograph everything were short lived as I got a bit too excited about my terrarium, and I left my camera inside, so that was a bit silly. 

I made some rookie errors from my first terrarium, (it died) so I’m pretty sure I have hopefully resolved these issues now!

This is for a closed terrarium, I have a cute little glass lid, not in the photo. So it’s in a giant apothecary jar thing. 


- Your Glass Terrarium
I got mine for $14.50 at Hot Dollar at my local shopping centre. You can use a whole range of glass containers, things like glass vases & fishbowls are good too. It also depends if you want to buy one with a lid or not. I’m recommending lids right here, but up to you. 

- Pebbles/Stones
These are for the drainage, but I also used mine for decoration. I got them from the pet section at a grocery store. They were for fishies.

- Charcoal
This helps aerate your terrarium, it keeps the air inside the terrarium fresh for your little plants. I got this from the pet section too.

- Soil
I didn’t buy any extra as I used all the soil from the plants that I purchased.

- Plastic Dinosaur
Or whatever you want in there, mini lions perhaps. I got these for a few dollars at K-Mart,

- Water Spray Bottle
For Misting your plants & dirt

- Plants! 
Okay so the spot where my terrarium sits is in quite shaded light, as there are a whole bunch of plants outside my window. I looked at some guides, and googled images of good types of plants, but was unable to really find any I had seen online.. Instead I looked at plant tags and chose ones that did well in the shade. 

The people working at where you buy the plants from should hopefully be able to help you out also. 

Here are some good guides to choosing plants for your terrarium. 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4


1. Okay firstly gather all your things on a table, probably outside as it can get messy with all that dirt.

2. Wash out your glass terrarium with hot water and get rid of any nasty things that might have an effect on your plants. 

3. Place a thick layer of pebbles along the bottom of your terrarium. These will act as drainage so that your plants won’t all drown in there. 

4. On top of the pebbles, place your charcoal, a thinner layer than the pebbles, but make sure you get good coverage.

5. If you have your own extra soil, make a layer of it on top of the charcoal. It should probably be the thickness of both the pebbles and the charcoal. 

6. Knock your plants in their pots against the edge of the table to help loosen the dirt to make it easier to pull them out. If you’re just using soil from your plants, take the soil from the pots now and make a thick layer over the top of the charcoal. 

7. Now you will need to dig little holes to plant your plants in. Depends how much space you have, whether you can use your hands or a handheld shovel. I used my hands, I had to separate a bunch of the plant roots as well, as they were giant, so that I could fit them all in. 

8. Arrange the plants in a way that you find the most aesthetically pleasing. 

9. Give the soil a good misting, not too much, you don’t want your plants to drown. 

10. Place your dinosaur or little figurine in your terrarium, put on your lid (or not) and place your terrarium where you want it to go!

Make sure it has some sunlight, but if it’s enclosed and in direct sunlight your poor plants will cook!

For a great guide on upkeep of your terrarium head to SproutHome

If you have any questions, feel free to message me :)

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